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deliberate practice Transforms Training and Development

At LeadvantEDGE, we leverage the power of deliberate practice and the science of behavior change to achieve extraordinary and lasting results. While many companies rightly claim to incorporate practice, few if any include deliberate practice as part of their offerings.

What’s the difference between practice and deliberate practice? Practice is valuable. Many training programs incorporate individual practice, with varying levels of success. You might be asked to try out new skills on your own, with peers or within the context of your workplace. It’s up to you to determine how it went, and if you do get feedback from a coach or mentor, it’s long after the fact.

In contrast, deliberate practice utilizes the science behind the development of expertise to transform training and development. How? By dismantling the myth that expert performers possess innate unusual talents.

Instead, psychologist Anders Ericsson discovered that experts attain their high performance through how they practice.1 Think about the hours that performers and athletes dedicate drills or practice sessions designed to perfect their skills. This is often done under the watchful eye of a coach, with real time feedback. This focused—and very deliberate practice—is what creates true expertise.

Why it Works

We’ve adapted the theory behind deliberate practice to supercharge our training programs.

Occurs Over Time

The key to lasting behavioral change is learning a concept and then putting it into practice through repeated exposure. Distributing learning over time allows for trial and error, feedback and success.

Builds Enduring Capability

Moving concepts from short to long-term memory requires ongoing opportunities to practice in short durations.

Reinforces New Skills

“Practice makes permanent” and helps to embed new skills.

Expedites Learning

Timely, focused and immediate feedback from a coach supports the impact of what participants are learning and why.

Engages and Retains Interest

Mastery, facilitated by positive feedback, creates an intrinsic motivation to improve.

Our Impact

Training and development professionals and program participants alike rave about the lasting impact of our programs. Participants emerge renewed from our programs, ready to re-engage with your organization with improved capabilities and confidence.

We can help solve your development & training challenges.

Citation: 1. “deliberate practice and Proposed Limits on the Effects of Practice on the Acquisition of Expert Performance: Why the Original Definition Matters and Recommendations for Future Research,” Frontiers in Psychology, Oct. 25, 2019